Energías renovables

Development and production of electronic systems for monitoring, control and communication of turn Key solutions for Water area and Air Quality applications, Energy Efficiency and Energy Generation based in Renewable Energies.

The expected growth of Smart Green Cities is very relevant and the day by day awareness and sensitivity regarding the environmental issues and the sustainability of Cities is one of the main concerns of the citizens.

Masermic is a specialist for state of the art control systems hard & software, communication networks and power grid technologies for parabolic trough, heliostat and PV solar fields.

Successfully performed commercial projects and intensive R&D&Innovation activities during the last years have been our contribution to improve solar field performance in terms of reliability, effectivity & investment cost, thus increasing their feasibility.

    We tackle the solar field as a cubic frame which’s boundaries are established by four main concepts

  • Collector Control System.
  • Collectors Solar Field Communications Network.
  • Heliostat Solar Field Power Grid
  • Heliostat Solar Field Management System.

Tackling these four concepts as a unique and synergetic framework, opens the possibility to important advances in the efficiency and reliability of the Solar Fields.

Certainly, as advancing the state-of-the-art of solar field solutions needs multi-technological teams, Masermic, as part of the Stellio Team, is collaborating with the companies SBP and Ingemetal

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